3rd interdisciplinary Winter School 2019 „Food and Energy”

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We invite you to apply for our upcoming Winter School 2019 „Food and Energy“ from February 18 to 22 at the TUM Science & Study Center in Raitenhaslach

Organization: Graduate Center, Munich School of Engineering (MSE) at TUM

The food industry is facing emerging challenges: food production accounts for 30% of global final energy consumption; processing and distribution as well as retail and preparation are the main factors for a highly inefficient industry. This problem will get worse with 80% of the 10 billion people living in cites in 2050. With the transformation to renewable energy the production of fertilizers is facing a big change. Food scandals upset consumers and make the call for regional products even louder. Due to climate change and droughts crop failures are predicted to occur more often. During the Winter School 2019 „Food and Energy“ we address these challenges and discuss approaches to a sustainable food production and supply chain.

 If you are interested in sustainable development, energy questions, agriculture, food processing or distribution and energy accounting methods of complex processes, please send your application to Dr. Petra Liedl (liedl@mse.tum.de) by November 16. The winter school is open to PhD students and post graduates.

 More information and the detailed outline of the event including lectures, topics and a tentative schedule, can be found here: http://www.mse.tum.de/winterschool2019/

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