MSB starts new cooperation with "Wichtel-Akademie"

"Wichtel-Akademie" is a private facility providing early child care with long opening ours and without long vacation periods at different sites in Munich and Garching.

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The MSB just started a cooperation with the "Wichtel-Akademie" supporting researchers to balance family life and career. Now, all MSB members having a position for their child at one of the "Wichtel-Akademie" child-care facilities in Munich or Garching can apply for financial support. With this support, the MSB intends to offer its members a family-friendly workplace providing: 

  • more flexible working hours, thanks to the "Wichtel-Akademie´s" opening hours
  • easier holiday planning, as the "Wichtel-Akademie" is always open (except on public holidays)
  • and an early return from parental leave. 

For more information please contact Prof. Dr. Julia Herzen (contact details).