Synthetic Biology and Biomolecular Systems

This research area focuses on understanding the basic mechanisms of biomolecular systems for applications in biomolecular physics, biological chemistry, and molecular medicine. To achieve these goals 3D transmission electron microscopy, single molecule methods such as optical trapping and fluorescence microscopy, bio-analytics and proteomics, and nano-bio-technologies are used.

The following selected research topics list some examples of current activities that are pursued by the MSB members.

Molecular Devices and Machines

PI Hendrik Dietz

Inspired by the rich functionalities of natural macromolecular assemblies such as enzymes, molecular motors, and viruses, we investigate how to build increasingly complex molecular structures. Our goal is to build molecular devices and machines that can execute user-defined tasks. Molecular self-assembly with DNA is an attractive route toward achieving this goal. DNA origami in particular enables building nanodevices that can already be employed for making new discoveries in biomolecular physics and protein science.

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Proteomics and Bioanalytics

PI Bernhard Küster

This research focuses on proteomics, chemical biology and biomarker discovery and a range of questions relating to how proteins interact with each other and with active pharmaceutical ingredients, which molecular mechanisms play a role in cancer and how these can be used for individual approaches to clinical treatment. It uses chemical and biochemical methods as well as spectroscopic and bioinformatic high throughput technologies.  

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Creation of Synthetic Biological Systems

PI Friedrich C. Simmel

The remarkable properties of biological systems are the result of complex interactions between multiple components, and thus emerge at the systems level. Biological systems are thus able to respond to their environment, compute, move, reconfigure and evolve. We aim at the construction of synthetic molecular and cellular systems, which generate and display similar behaviors. Our work involves the engineering and study of synthetic gene circuits, the creation of artificial cellular systems and the development of cell-scale robots.  

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