Interdisciplinary topics require a unique Research and Training Environment. In 2015, the Graduate School of Information Science in Health (GSISH) was transformed into the Graduate School of BioEngineering (GSB). The GSB is part of the new Munich School of BioEngineering and the focus has shifted from a information science perspective to a natural sciences environment.

The Graduate School of BioEngineering (GSB) is a highly innovative graduate centre at the Technical University Munich. Our aim is to educate a new generation of uniquely trained scientists at the interface of engineering, computer sciences, medicine, natural and life sciences.

As an interdisciplinary school, GSB provides excellent opportunities for conducting doctoral projects which will qualify our graduates for the best jobs available, both in academia and industry.

In cooperation with numerous scientific and non-scientific institutions, young scientists at the TUM Graduate School of BioEngineering are integrated into an intellectually stimulating research environment. Hereby, the main focus lies in the multidisciplinary collaboration of diverse disciplines. By providing our doctoral candidates with an unique and individual curriculum, we moreover promote transferable skills and offer opportunities for international exchange.