TUM Graduate School

The TUM Graduate School is a Corporate Scientific Centre of the TUM. It aims at structured scientific training of graduates aspiring to obtain doctorate degrees. The TUM-GS consists of Faculty Graduate Centres and Thematic Graduate Centres and has its own Management Office. Its governing bodies are the Management Board, the Committee of Graduate Centres' Spokespersons, the TUM Graduate Council, and the Scientific Council. The Board of Arbitration can be appealed to in case of conflicts. The TUM-GS was founded in 2009. It is the first centrally organized, comprehensive Graduate School at a German university.

The Graduate Centres promote their doctoral candidates according to the customs of the respective departments and coordinate the subject-specific qualification programme. They provide direct contact to the members of the TUM-GS. The management office is responsible for the transferable skills programme and offers comprehensive services and counseling for doctoral candidates.

According to the current TUM Regulations for the Award of Doctoral Degrees (Promotionsordnung) all doctoral candidates who enter the doctoral list after January 1st, 2014 will automatically become members of the TUM-GS. Consequently, the completion of the basic programme stipulated by the doctoral regulations is compulsory.

The TUM Graduate School (TUM-GS) qualifies doctorates at the TUM in line with the best international standards. All services and offers of the TUM-GS complement the individual doctorate format and promote career success in research, industry and science. The selection of training courses offered by the TUM-GS consists of a basic programme which is compulsory for all members (from 2014 all new doctoral candidates), as well as optional elements which can be individually arranged.

Please note that each Graduate Centre can have its own additional rules and regulations.
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