Mentoring at TUM

TUM offers prospective students, current students, doctoral candidates as well as experienced alumni from science and industry a great number of mentoring programmes. You can use these offers in order to develop your personality, discover new competences and extend your personal network. During all of these programmes, a personal mentor will support you with advice and assistance for a specific period of time.

TUM students can subscribe to the respective faculty-specific programmes. In addition, you can also participate in inter-faculty development programmes that include mentoring.

TUM Mentoring from alumni for students and doctoral students

TUM alumni provide support and advice to TUM students and doctoral candidates over the course of one year. Take advantage of the offer's possibilities and become a mentee!
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TUM Mentoring for Scientists

International guest scientists share their expertise and experience with up-and-coming researchers of TUM. Do not miss this unique opportunity – apply to become a science mentee.
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TUM Junior Fellows

Because of their long years working as reviewers, liaison lecturers or as members of appointment committees, the TUM Emeriti of Excellence possess valuable informal knowledge not generally set down in writing. They can pass this on to the young scientists in casual meetings and discussions to help them plan their careers.
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Step Inside

In this programme, prospective students get together with a student mentor who is enrolled for the respective course of studies and who is willing to share his personal experiences and knowledge.       
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Start-up Mentoring

Start-up Mentoring of the Technical University Munich and UnternehmerTUM supports start-ups with their market entry.
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Career building for engineers and (natural) scientists

At an early stage, mentorING supports students with orientation for the labor market and helps them to become aware of their own abilities and goals.
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