Molecular Biology/Genetic Engineering Lab

The Lab accommodates a very well equipped biological working area as well as a gene technology working area, comprised of several laboratories in a closed section with clean room standards. Different laboratories are equipped for cell cultivation, for biochemical, molecular biological and other analytical work, as well as for microscopy. This combination of different technologies in close vicinity allows for versatile and efficient usage when performing biomedical experiments at the cellular and molecular levels.

For the cultivation of animal and human cells the facilities include:

  • Laminar flow cabinets for aseptic work,
  • CO2 cell culture incubators,
  • stirring units for spinner cultures, 
  • autoclaves,
  • electronic cell counter,
  • inverse phase contrast microscope.

Further analytical equipment includes:

  • micro- and cooled table centrifuges,
  • analytical balance,
  • pH-meter,
  • ELISA reader,
  • flow activated cell sorter (FACS),
  • electrophoresis apparatus for protein and nucleic acid separation,
  • thermocycler.

There is lab area reserved for cell and tissue immunohistochemistry, which is equipped with:

  • fume hood,
  • cryo-microtome,
  • paraffin tissue fixation platform,
  • upright and inverse microscopes,
  • laser scanning confocal microscope.

The Molecular Biology/Genetic Engineering Lab is a S1 approved lab.