During your Doctorate at GCB

During your doctorate at GCB, the GCB Team is at your disposal for all your questions and matters concerning your doctorate. 

On this webpage you can find all important information, documents, and forms on different topics which are relevant during your doctorate at GCB. 
Comprehensive information on the general conduction of doctorates at TUM can be found on the TUM-GS webpage in the section "Doctoral Candidates" as well as in this guide provided by TUM-GS

Players and Responsibilities / What issue to address where

Conducting a doctorate at the GCB involves different players beside your chair/research group and the GCB. The following section provides an overview of those players and their respective responsibilities within the scope of the doctorate. 

The GCB is a thematic graduate Ccnter of the TUM-GS for doctoral candidates at various TUM departments/schools. Meaning, that as member of GCB you will complete the GCB qualification program and receive a certificate and transcript of records on this at the end of your doctorate from GCB. Your doctoral degree-awarding institution thereby always is a TUM department/school, usually the department/school of your supervisor, where you are added on the doctoral candidacy list and which will conduct the examination and award you your doctoral degree. In principle, one must distinguish between the GCB as graduate center and the degree-awarding institution. 

As doctoral candidate at TUM you are automatically member of the TUM Graduate School and registered in DocGS, which is the central platform for all of TUM’s doctoral candidates. A further central TUM institution relevant for all doctoral candidates is the Center for Study and Teaching, which regulates the central examination matters. 


  • Regulates TUM-wide basic requirements and the basic program for doctoral candidates
  • Central services for doctoral candidates, such as 
    • Welcome office 
    • Transferable skills course program 
  • Information on all topics about a doctorate at TUM 


  • Initiation the entry to the doctoral candidacy list
  • Registration TUM-GS kickoff event
  • Tracking of the qualification program 
  • Registration for the transferable skills course program 
  • Initiation changes of e.g. supervisor, mentor, graduate center (coming soon)
  • Initiation submission of your thesis

You can find more information on this in the DocGS section further below.  

Department / School: 

  • Recognition of foreign degrees
  • Entry to the doctoral candidacy list
  • Doctoral examination procedure

GCB office: 

  • Counselling on all issues related to your doctorate
  • All matters concerning membership (e.g. supervision agreement)
  • Administration of the qualification program 
  • Subject-specific qualification / events / courses
  • Funding equipment / internationalization 
  • Request proof-reading service 

More information on those topics are provided in the respective sections further below. 

TUM Center for Study and Teaching / Student Service Center: 

  • Central examination matters
  • Enrollment as student (via TUMonline)
  • Handing in the thesis and all further required documents

Chair / Research Group: 

  • All matters relating to working contract
  • All matter relating financial aspects (e.g. third party funding, ...)

GCB Regulations and TUM Regulations for the Award of Doctoral Degrees (Promotionsordnung)

GCB Regulations
Ordnung des GCB (24. September 2020) (in German)
Excerpts of the Regulations of the GCB of September 24th 2020 

Promotionsordnung TUM and Bylaws TUM-GS

Promotionsordnung vom 23.08.2021 mit Wirkung vom 01.10.2021 (English version coming soon)

Statut der TUM-GS vom 23.08.2021 (English version coming soon)

Starting from October 1st, 2021, a new version of the Regulations for the Award of Doctoral Degrees, as well as a new version of the TUM Graduate School Statutory Regulations will be effective. In the new TUM-GS wiki you will find important information, explanations and FAQs. To get access, log in with your TUM-ID.

Regulation for the Award of Doctoral Degrees from 01.01.2014 and Statute of TUM-GS from 01.09.2013 (German and Englisch) 

Current Changes in the TUM Promotionsordnung (only applicable in German):  
Promotionsordnung in der Fassung der 4. Änderungssatzung vom 3. Juni 2020

Please note, that only the German versions of all documents provided above are legally binding and shall prevail in case of discrepancy. The translations are provided for convenience only.

GCB Supervision Agreement

In the beginning of you docotrate you signed a supervision agreement. This supervision agreement may and should be continiuously updated in terms of the development of the aims and objectives as well as the individual qualification elements and milestones of the doctoral project. 

Also, when your supervisor or mentor changes, the working program of your doctoral project may change and a revision or update of your supervision agreement may be useful (see section Updates and Changes). 

If your supervision agreement has been updated, please send it to gcbioengineering@tum.de once all affected parties signed it. 

GCB Supervision Agreement
Appendix GCB Supervision Agreement

For questions on the supervision agreement you can have a look at this guide on how to fill in the supervisionagreement

Later Announcement of Mentor

If a mentor for your docotral project is not defined in the beginning yet, you can announce your mentor up to six month after handing in your supervision agreement: 

  1. Let your mentor sign your supervision agreement as well (you may find your supervison agreement in DocGS)
  2. Submit the request in DocGS (progress tree, changes of doctorate characteristica)

"New" Qualification Program (from 2020)

During your doctorate you will complete the GCB qualification program. The fulfillment of the qualification program is a prerequiste in order to hand in your thesis. 

The so-called "new qualifciation program" applies for all doctoral candidates who joined GCB in 2020 or later, or who actively changed to the new program. 

The GCB qualification program comprises the mandatory program from the TUM Graduate School and qualification elements specified by the GCB. Those following elements are mandatory for all doctoral candidates at GCB: 

  • Participation in the TUM-GS Kickoff Seminar and the GCB Kick-off Event (both within the first 6 month of your doctorate)
  • Subject specific qualification of at least 6 weekly semester hours / 63 real time hours. Within this, participation in at least one GCB Summer School is mandatory. The further qualification elements can be chosen individually (subject-specific courses can be seminars for doctoral candidates, summer and winter schools, research retreats, reading and writing cirles or specialized courses at expert level. Thereby the subject-specific qualification is not limited to TUM offers) 
  • Main-authorship of a peer-reviewed publication
  • Giving one MIBE Seminar Talk on your doctoral project
  • Participation in a course on "Good Scientific Practice" (duration of at least half a day)
  • Comprehensive feedback session with your supervisor and according report within the first two years of your doctorate
  • Internationalization measures, such as research stays abroad or visits at international conferences, are strongly recommended to all GCB doctoral candidates and supported financially within GCB's scope of possibilities (see also section Application for Funding of Travel Expenses). 

Furthermore, all GCB doctoral candidates commit to active participation in the TUM environment, membership in the TUM Graduate School for at least two years, as well as to the annual data confirmation in DocGS. 

Proof of qualification program and progress tracking: 
The qualification program is tracked in DocGS. You can find a detailed guide on how to add qualification measures in DocGS properly below in the section "DocGS". 

Please use the following forms for upload in DocGS: 

Form Subject Specific Qualification DocGS 

Form Report Feedback Session

Form International Research Stay 

"Old" Qualification Program (until 2019)

If you joined GCB (former GSB) before 2020 and did not switch to the new qualification program actively, you follow the so called "old" qualification program. 

In order to hand in your thesis at the end of your doctorate, you have to fulfill the qualification program. Within the program, you can feely chose your qualification measures, but there are some mandatory elements defined by GCB (former GSB) and TUM-GS (so called basic program of TUM-GS). 

Mandatory elements GCB: 

  • GCB Induction
  • workshop on Thema Good Scientific Practice 
  • annual Report (account for subject-specific qualification)
  • annual participation in the Summer School (account for subject-specific qualification)
  • subject-specific qualification (at least 25 GCB Credits)
  • internatinalization and industry exchange (at least 5 GCB Credits)
  • transferable skills training (at least 5 GCB Credits)

Your progress is tracked in your Transcript of Records (ToR) at the GCB office. For recognition of measures and to have them added to your Transcript of Records, please send your proofs to the GCB office (gcbioengineering@tum.de). You can request the latest version of your Transcript of Records any time at our office. 

For new entries in your ToR you may use those forms: 

Form Achivement ToR

Form Report Feedback Session

Form International Research Stay 

This illustration provides you an overview of the GCB credit system  

Mandatory TUM-GS elements (fulfilling the GCB qualification program usually covers those elements automatically): 

  • TUM-GS Kickoffseminar 
  • Subject-specific qualification of at least 6 weekly semester hours / 63 real time hours
  • publication / discussion in the international scientific community 
  • feedbacksession with your supervisor
  • active integration into the scientific environment of TUM 
  • membership in the TUM-GS of at least two years

Those mandatory elements have to be ticked off in DocGS in order to initiate the submission process of your thesis in DocGS. Please only add the above meantioned mandatory TUM-GS elements to DocGS (the TUM-GS Kickoff seminar as well as the membership duration of at least 2 years are ticked off automatically once you fulfillled them. Also, if you are employed by TUM or Klinikum rechts der Isar this will automatically tick off your integration in the scientific environment of TUM per definition). 

Tips on how to add elements for subject-specific qualification, publications and the feedbacksession properly to DocGS can be found below in the section "DocGS". For uploads in DocGS you may also use the forms provided above. 

Pleas note, that submissions in DocGS will not automatically be added to your Transcript of Records. 


DocGS is the central online platform for all doctoral candidates at TUM. 

In DocGS the whole process of your doctorate is reflected: 

1) Application for the entry in TUM's doctoral candidacy list
2) Tracking of Qualification Program

  • Tracking of entire program for all doctoral candidates following the "new" qualification program 
  • Tracking of TUM-GS basic program for all doctoral candidates following the "old" qualification program

3) Application for submission of dissertation

Also the registrations for the TUM-GS Kickoff Seminar and the TUM-GS course program on transferable skills is managed in DocGS. 

Annual Data Confirmation in DocGS: 
Each year, you have to confirm your data and the status of your docotral project in DocGS annually (period from July 1st – September 30th). You will be asked to confirm your data in DocGS automatically via email through the system. After you confirmed your data and your project‘s status your supervisor will be automatically requested to verify.

After completing the annual data confirmation twice with an active status of your project, this will automatically tick off the minimum required membership at TUM-GS.

If you miss the annual data confirmation, your DocGS account will be locked. To regain access to the portal, you must request it using this form

More information on DocGS and how to upload suffient proofs: 

Detailed DocGS Guide for GCB Doctoral Candidates 

Please check your DocGS account regularly if your submissions have been accepted or need some reviewing or update from your side.
GCB does not get informed automatically through the system about new submissions. We check for new submission regularly, in general in the beginning of each month. In cases of urgency, write us an email (gcbioengineering@tum.de)

Workshops, Courses, and Events

As doctoral candidate at GCB you will be informed about all events offered by GCB via email automatically. 

Information on the MIBE Seminar Talks, the IEEE ESMB Student Chapter Series and further talks are applicable in the event section of the MIBE webseite

You can find the TUM-GS course program on transferable skills training here or in DocGS.
Information on additional offers for TUM doctoral candidates such as courses offered by the TUM library of the partner EuroTech Universities can be found here

Updates and Changes concerning your Doctorate

Personal Data: 
To initiate changes in your personal data, please write an email to docgs(at)zv.tum.de
If your preferred email address for correspondance concerning your doctorate changes, please also inform the GCB office via gcbioengineering@tum.de.

Changes Supervisor:
In case your supervisor changes, please send an informal letter to gcbioengineering@tum.de. Please make sure, that it states the changes cleary, and that all involved parties (previous supervisor/mentor, furture supervisor/mentor, doctoral candidate) agree to the changes and sign the document. Furthermore, your new supervisor/mentor either must consent to the old supervision agreement, or a new supervision agreement  is needed.
After you send the document(s) to the GCB office, we will inititate the changes in DocGS. 

Please consider, that with changing your supervisor the responsible faculty might change as well, and therefor swithing to the list of doctoral candidates at the new department. To inititate this, please send an informal letter to either your old or new department. 
Die Dokumente senden Sie bitte an gcbioengineering@tum.de. Die Änderungen werden dann an DocGS weitergeleitet. 

Changes Supervision Agreement / Mentor: 
Changes concerning your supervison agreement and mentor can be submitted in DocGS (progress tree, changes doctorate characteristics)

Cancellation of Doctoral Project at TUM: 
If you would like to cancel your docotral project, please inform the GCB first. In the next step, please address your withdrawal to the deanery of the responsible faculty using this form

Application for Funding of Travel Expenses

GCB doctoral candidates who are employed at TUM or Klinikum rechts der Isar or receive a scholarship which does not cover travel expenses and have their workplace at TUM, can apply for funding for internationlization measures: 

Support for internationalization measures and industry exchange: up to 1.600 €

  • Stays for research purposes at a scientific, academic or research institution or within an industrial firm that conducts research in another country
  • Presentation of the candidate’s own scientific, scholarly or research findings at international conferences, symposia etc. in another country
  • Attending international subject-specific summer/winter schools, workshops, etc. in another country
  • Inviting international visiting researchers to do joint research on the candidate’s own dissertation project at the TUM
  • Travel expenses for examiners (from foreign universities) to participate in the doctoral voce at the TUM

For doctoral candidates who are completing their doctoral research according to the current TUM Regulations for the Award of Doctoral Degrees (effective January 1, 2014) the amount can be increase by an additional 1,400 euros if the research stays last longer than 4 weeks.

Please also consider the corresponding sections in your supervision agreement. 

Within the the funding possibilities for internationalization measures, also fees for virtual international conferences can be funded.

Please note, that personal membership fees for organizations / societies cannot be funded

Application for funding:  
Funding must be requested BEFORE your travels at the GCB office. Please send this form to gcbioengineering@tum.de and you will be informed via email on the following. 

Application for Funding of Equipment/Project Related Costs

GCB doctoral candidates who are employed at TUM or Klinikum rechts der Isar or who receive a scholarship and have their workplace at TUM, can apply for funding of up to 900 €  for equipment or other project related.

Application for funding:  
Funding must be requested BEFOREHAND at the GCB office, as equipment and working materials are obtained through the GCB office. Please use this document for application and send it to gcbioengineering@tum.de. A reimbursement of costs is only possible in exceptional cases that have been discussed with the GCB office beforehand. Please use this form to request a reimbursement. 

All equipment provided by GCB belongs to TUM and has to be returned after you finished your doctorate. Whenever you receive equipment from GCB, please fill in the user agreement.

Proofreading Service

As member of the TUM-GS you have access to a profession proof reading service for English articles to be submitted to international peer reviewed journal or conferences. Please note that the service is not applicable for dissertations. 

The following prerequisites apply: 

  • first- or main-authorship
  • the article has to be ready for (first!) submission
  • the article has to be submitted to an international peer reviewed journal or conference

To request proofreading, please send this form and the article to gcbioengineering@tum.de Wenn Sie den Lektoratsservice in Anspruch nehmen wollen, schicken Sie bitte sowie den Artikel an gcbioengineering@tum.de.

After checking your request, we will forward the documents and your contact data to the professional proofreading service. You will receive the article back directly from the company. Depending on the length of the article this takes around 3-6 working days.

More information on the proofreading service is applicable here.

Good Scientific Practice

Compliance with the principles of good scientific practice is the foundation of scientific work.

For you as a doctoral candidate, this issue is relevant for three reasons:

  1. You need to avoid scientific misconduct in your own work, and act honestly.
  2. As a supervisor for Bachelor’s or Master’s theses, you will need to be able to recognize scientific misconduct.
  3. As a doctoral candidate, you are entitled to regular academic advice and support.

The TUM-GS provides more information and a section with frequently asked questions on this important topic.

More information:

Satzung zur Sicherung guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis und für den Umgang mit wissenschaftlichem Fehlverhalten (TUM-SGwP) 2021 (TUM login required)

TUM Ombudspersonen (Compliance Office)

Documents and Forms