Completing your Doctorate at GCB

This page provides you an overview over the basic process of finishing your doctoate at GCB and TUM. 

Please consider, that especially the process for submission of your thesis is quite extensive and you will need several documents for this. Therefore, get to know the process early on and calculate with enough time. Please also consider the deadlines (e.g. for department board meetings) of your degree-awarding institution

You can find detailed information on the submission of your thesis on the webpage of TUM-GS and specific information and deadlines at your respective degree-awarding department/school. 

1. Completing the Qualification Program

The first prerequisite in order to hand in your thesis, is that you have fulfilled the GCB and TUM-GS qualification program. The whole qualification program must be ticked off in your progress tree in DocGS. 

On the page "During your Doctorate" you can find all information on the old and new qualification program as well as on DocGS.


2. Initiate Submission in DocGS

Doctoral candidate following the so called "new" Regulations for the Award of Doctoral Degrees (effective January 1st, 2014) initiate the submission as follows. 

If you conduct your doctorate according to the so called "old" regulations and started before 2014, you can find information on submitting your thesis on the TUM-GS webpage.

After fulfilling the qualification program, you can apply for submission in DocGS. You can find the respective section in your DocGS account at the bottom of your progress tree. 

Fill in the sections personal data, dissertation, qualifiying degree, status, and documents and upload all required documents as PDF:

  • dissertation (with title page in German; for an English translation, see Appendix 4 of the Doctoral Regulations; the date of submission will be completed when submitting the documents at CST)
  • registration of your dissertation for the TUM University Bibliography (therefore you need an abstract of your dissertation, max. 500 characters in German and English). More information can be found on the website of the university:
  • list of previous publications
  • sworn statement in German (for an English translation, see Appendix 5 of the Doctoral Regulations)
  • a curriculum vitae in German (listing in particular your educational background)

         If applicable:

  • list of prior publications
  • publication-based dissertation: written agreement from your supervisor (see Appendix 6 of the Doctoral Regulations)
  • additional academic degrees (certified document)

          If you are not employed at TUM:

  • You have to submit a certificate of good conduct (together with the documents listed at step 7). The certificate of good conduct for official purposes is to be sent directly to: TUM Center for Study and Teaching - Promotionen, Arcisstr. 21, 80333 München
    If you are not in Germany anymore, you can request a certificate of good conduct via the website of the German Federal Office of Justice

Submit your application electronically. You should receive an email on your successfull submission. 

3. Submission at the Center for Study and Teaching

After your electronic submission, your application will be examined by your Dean’s Office. As soon as this examination is successful, you will receive an e-mail and are asked to print your application for submission from your DocGS account („My Progress": „Submission of Dissertation“).

Make an appointment with the Center for Study and Teaching - Promotionen to personally submit your documents. The contat person for GCB doctoral candidates except mechanical engineering is Ms. Ute Stinzel (Phone: +49 89 289 22248, Mon to Thur 8:30 am - 11:30 am). If your degree-awarding insitution is mechanical engineering, your contact person is Ms. Christa Reisenauer (Phone: +49 89 289 25139, Mon to Thur 8:30 am - 11:30 am).

Hand in your signed application together with the following original documents at the Center for Study and Teaching - Promotionen:

  • Five identical copies of the dissertation (DIN A4) with the required title page (template) in German (irrespective of whether or not your dissertation is in German; see Appendix 4 of the Doctoral Regulations for an English translation), glue binding
  • curriculum vitae in German (listing in particular the candidate’s educational background)
  • valid TUM employment contract in the original (for presentation) 
    official certificate of good conduct from one public authority to another, to be sent by post to the Center for Study and Teaching - Promotionen (cannot be more than three months old at the time of submission)  

          If applicable:

  • list of previous publications  
  • publication-based dissertation: written agreement from your supervisor (see Appendix 6 of the Doctoral Regulations)
  • additional academic degrees (certified document)

Please note that all documents should be submitted to the Center for Study and Teaching - Promotionen at least 14 business days before the next council meeting of your degree-awarding institution/department.

4. Doctoral Examination at the Department/School

The doctoral examination process is regulated in the TUM Regulations for the Award of Doctoral Degrees and described in detail in §9 - §15. 

In general, the process consists of the following steps: 

  1. Initiation of the doctoral examination process through the TUM examination office 
  2. After successfull verification of the application, the examination office forwards the application to the dean of the degree-awarding insitution 
  3. Dean/council meeting of your degree-awarding institution/department determines the responsibility and appoints the examining committee (suggestions can be presented to the council meeting in advance) 
  4. The examining commitee consists of: 1 chair and 2-3 examiers. Usually, the supervisor is appointed first examiner and usually also suggest the examining committee. 
  5. Dean submits application to the chair of the examining committee 
  6. Chair forwards copy of the dissertation to each examiner for assessment 
  7. Examiners assess the dissertation with written report (usually within 3 month) 
  8. If all examiners assess the thesis as passed, the documents are sent to all full-time faculty, which decide upon accepting or rejection the dissertation (max. 2 month) 
  9. If the dissertation has been accepted, the oral examination will be initiated

5. Publishing the Dissertation

After passing your oral examination, you will have to publish your dissertation. You will receive your doctoral certificate only after publication.

You can find an overview of all steps of the publication process on the website of the TUM University Library.

6. Organizational Matters at GCB

After successfull completion of your doctorate, GCB will contact you via email concernign your Transcript of Records on the qualification Program and the according certificate. 

Further administrative matters when compliting your doctorate are for example registration for the GCB alumni mailing list or returning loaned equipment. All relevant information on these will be sent to you via email