How do i start my doctorate at GCB?

General Information for Prospective Doctoral Candidates

If you are interested in starting a doctorate at GCB and TUM, you can find comprehensive information on TUM's model for doctoral programs and general information for applicants on the webapges of the TUM Graduate School
This video also provides an overview over TUM's program for doctoral projects. 

Thematic graduate center and degree-awarding institution

The Graduate Center BioEngineering (GCB) is a Thematic Graduate Center of the TUM-GS for doctoral candidates at various TUM departments/schools.

Meaning, that as member of GCB you will complete the GCB qualification program and receive a certificate and transcript of records on this at the end of your doctorate from GCB. Your doctoral degree-awarding institution thereby always is a TUM department/school, usually the department/school of your supervisor, where you will be added to the doctoral candidacy list and which will conduct the examination and award you your doctoral degree.

Qualification Program

During your doctorate you will complete the GCB qualification programm. The completion of the program is one prerequistite in order to hand in your thesis at the end of your doctorate at your degree-awarding institution. It covers the basic mandatory program for doctoral candidates at TUM as defined by the TUM Graduate School and is specified and extended by the GCB. You can find detailed information on the GCB qualifcation program here

How to find a supervisor

To start your doctorate at GCB you first have to find a suitable supervisor and and funding for your doctoral project as GCB does not offer doctoral positions. Please note, that your prospective supervisor must be a member of MSB

The list of Principal Investigators of the MSB offers an overview over potential supervisors and their research areas. You can either apply for open positions, but also an unsolicited application with an outstanding CV can be worthwile. You can find current open positions either directly on the webpages of the research group / chairs, on MSB's website or TUM's central webpage.

This video and infosheet contain more valuable tips on how to find a suitable supervisor. 

For more information on financing opportunities for your doctorate at TUM have a look at the financing section of the TUM-GS webpage or this video

Application at GCB

After you specified your research topic and found a supervisor who is MSB-PI as well as the financial support for your project, you can apply for a membership at GCB.

Please send the following documents summarized in one pdf file to

In the next step, the GCB board will deceide upon your membership.

For questions on the supervision agreement you can have a look at this guide on how to fill in the supervisionagreement

First steps after your admission to GCB

After your admission to GCB, you will receive detailed information on the next steps via email. The next steps to fully get started contain the registration for TUM's online platform for doctoral candidates (DocGS) as well as the entry in the list of doctoral candidates. 
Within the first six month of your doctorate you will also participate in a GCB Kick-off event as well as the TUM-GS Kick-off, where you will receive further valuable information on how to get the most out of your doctorate at TUM. 

Entry to the Doctoral Candidacy List

The entry to the doctoral candidacy list marks the official start of your doctorate at TUM as well as the beginning of your membership in the TUM Graduate School.
TUM's doctoral candidacy is devided into the doctoral candidacy lists of the departments/schools and other degree awarding institutions. For GCB docotral candidates the degree awarding institutions usually is the supervisor's department/school. 

The entry to the doctoral candidacy list of your department/school follow those steps: 

  1. Finalization of the supervision and collection of all signatures
  2. Online application through DocGS. Please find a detailed guide on the application process in DocGS on the wepage of the TUM Graduate School 
  3. After successfull submission, DocGS will provide you the document "Application Doctoral Candidacy List" (German: "Antrag auf Eintragung in die Promotionsliste"). Please print this document and let your supervisor sign it. This document also contains a list of all necessary document which have to be submitted at the deans office of your faculty/school. 
  4. Your documents will now be checked and reviewed by the deans office

    If the submission of your documents fulfilled all formal requirements, you become a preliminary member of the TUM Graduate School (entry to the preliminary doctoral candidacy list). This means that you can already participate in the Kick-off Seminar and in transferable skills courses in DocGS. While you are preliminary member of the TUM-GS this time also accounts for your required TUM-GS membership of at least two years. 

    Foreign university degree: 
    If you are holding a degree from an university outside of Germany, the reviewing of your degree is now initiated as well. 
  5. Once your application has been thoroughly and successfully reviewed, you will get a notification of your entry into the doctoral candidacy list and your full membership of TUM-GS automatically via email

More information on the webpage of the TUM-GS: 
Entry to the doctoral candidacy list with a German degree
Entry to the doctoral candidacy list with a foreing degree 

Optional: Enrollment as student at TUM

After your entry to the doctoral candidacy list you have the optional possibility to enroll as doctoral student at TUM as well. 

Further information about enrolling as student can be found on the webpage of the TUM Graduate School 

Later Announcement of Mentor

If a mentor for your docotral project is not defined in the beginning yet, you can announce your mentor up to six month after handing in your supervision agreement: 

  1. Let your mentor sign your supervision agreement as well (you may find your supervison agreement in DocGS)
  2. Send your new supervison agreement, which now contains all signatures, together with your mentor's data (name, title, email adress) to AND 

GCB Regulations and TUM Regulations for the Award of Doctoral Degrees (Promotionsordnung)

GCB Regulations
Ordnung des GCB (24. September 2020) (in German)
Excerpts of the Regulations of the GCB of September 24th 2020 

Promotionsordnung TUM and Bylaws TUM-GS
TUM Promotionsordnung / Regulations for the Award of Docotral Degrees (01.01.2014) (German and Englisch) 

Current Changes in the TUM Promotionsordnung (only applicable in German):  
Promotionsordnung in der Fassung der 3. Änderungssatzung vom 31. März 2020
Promotionsordnung in der Fassung der 4. Änderungssatzung vom 3. Juni 2020

Please note, that only the German versions of all documents provided above are legally binding and shall prevail in case of discrepancy. The translations are provided for convenience only.

TUM-GS Welcome Office

The Welcome Office of the TUM Graduate School (TUM-GS) offers applicants and doctoral candidates from Germany and abroad extensive information about application and admission, the offerings of TUM Graduate School, and life in Munich.

In order to make things easier for potential doctoral candidates at the start, the Welcome Office also provides information about recognizing foreign university degrees, and offers support for visa and immigration formalities.

Webpage of the TUM-GS Welcome Office