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Admission for a doctorate at GCB involves the following steps:

STEP 1 Application at the GCB
The first step towards a doctorate is establishing and specifying your research topic. You can either come up with your own research idea or you can develop one with your supervisor. After you found your supervisor at the MSB as well as financial support for your project (either paid by the chair or third-party funded), please contact the GCB office directly with your documents summarized in one pdf file (cover/motivation letter, CV, proof of English language skills, copy of Master or Diploma degree, informal statement of your supervisor for accepting your doctorate).

STEP 2 Sign supervision agreement
After clearing the membership possibility with the GCB you need to sign a supervision agreement [due to legal reasons this document is available in German only] with your supervisor and the GCB. Please note that your supervisor has to be PI at MSB. The mentor can be a postdoc or someone from another university or from industry. Furthermore, you will need to hand in an exposé (see annex 1 of supervision agreement) to the GCB Management Team. In addition, we recommend looking for a mentor who can especially support you in your personal development next to the professional qualification.

STEP 3 Application for entry into TUM Doctoral List (DocGS)
The application for entry into the doctoral candidacy list is done electronically and centrally through the online platform DocGS. Please follow the link and the described further steps at the DocGS website.

STEP 4 Enrollment in TUM-GS
When the online application is finished, please print the form, sign the printed document and take it together with the supervision agreement (plus other documents, check your deanery for details) to the deanery of your "Home" Department (department of your first supervisor). Your submitted documents will now be checked. If you hold a foreign master degree, the notification process will be started. After a successful completion, you will receive an e-mail confirming your acceptance in the TUM Graduate School. You are now on TUM's list of doctoral candidates. You may download the admission letter from the application portal. Please note that his process is independent from enrolling as a doctoral student at the TUM. You do not need the student status at all, but you can enroll at the university if you want.