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Our Graduate School provides each doctoral candidate with an individual curriculum to address the diverse background of the research projects available. In general, our curriculum includes courses, seminars, collaborative and independent work in the following three modules:

a) Interdisciplinary and Scientific Skills Training,
b) International & Industry Exchange,
c) Transferable Skills Training.

Each module provides individual options out of which GSB candidates can choose offers which best contribute to their needs. Out of these modules, the GSB provides a tailour-made doctoral curriculum for every individual doctoral candidate. GSB doctoral candidates will collect a minimum of 40 Credit Points during their studies.

Within the supervision agreement, an individual training plan is drawn up by the doctoral candidate and his/her supervisors at the beginning of the doctoral project. The plan specifies the courses, seminars and projects, including international and industrial exchange, to be taken from each of the modules a through c.

Our doctoral candidates can choose from a variety of courses offered by TUM, its further education centres and by our national and international partner institutions. Please note that for doctoral candidates within the current regulations for the award of doctoral degrees (effective from 01.01.2014), the TUM-GS kick-off seminar is a mandatory part of the doctorate. Participation should take place within the first six months after the start of your doctorate.

Adjustments to this plan can be made at the annual status meetings of the doctoral candidate and his/her supervisors/mentors.