Information on Reaction to Coronavirus

As of 18 March 2020, the MSB building is closed until further notice. The MSB secretariat will continue to be available by email ( 

Further information for staffstudents of the Master's program "Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics", and doctoral candidates of the Graduate School of BioEngineering can be found on the according pages. 

Munich School of BioEngineering

The Munich School of BioEngineering (MSB) is an interdisciplinary research center within the Technical University of Munich (TUM).


At the MSB, researchers specializing in medicine, the natural sciences, and engineering join forces to develop new methods for diagnosing or treating diseases and improved technologies that compensate for physical disabilities. The activities cover the whole development process – beginning with the study of basic scientific principles and ending with their application in new medical devices, medicines, and software programs. Read more


On both the Master's and the doctoral level, the MSB provides a variety of options for an interdisciplinary education in bioengineering, biomedical engineering, medical physics, medical informatics and related fields. More information is available on the following pages: master's programs | doctoral studies


The MSB actively supports researchers who want to start a business and turn their findings into innovative products and services. Read more


  • Detail of the brain vasculature of a mouse.

    Analysis of whole brain vasculature

    17 Mar 2020 | Diseases of the brain are often associated with typical vascular changes. Now, scientists have come up with a technique for visualising the structures of all the brain's blood vessels including any pathological changes.