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JA Scholarship Program looks to Nature in 2022

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Phlipp Patzelt, a current Junge Akademie student member, was instrumental in highlighting 'Learning from nature' as a possible call topic to the advisory board. Says Philipp: 'This is fantastic ...yet another inspiring call that will lead us to new projects!

Membership comes with its share of encounters and new experiences, as Peter Finger, managing director explains: "While there's also support, we definitely challenge members to define their own projects, and that starts very early on, literally in some of the very first interactions with us."(*)

As for ourselves (Prof. Luksch and I), we will be actively supporting the Junge Akademie, in line with our mission to facilitate and promote bioinspired approaches in TUM's various fields of activity (research, teaching, start-up creation, etc).

By the way: There are several entry points into the Junge Akademie. Just remember you’ll need outside help, so don’t delay…  

(*) if you enjoy or would like support in identifying project opportunities, yourself, you might find our Biomimetic Lecture Series (Ringvorlesung Bionik) helpful, which takes place in the summer semester. Or our course as part of EuropTeQ University.