Principal Investigators of the MIBE develop many technologies with the potential for becoming the basis for products and services with excellent market opportunities. Several MIBE spinoffs have already become successful companies with an extended customer base, others are still in the process of preparing for the market entry. Founders can rely on extended support by the MIBE and various institutions designed to help founders at TUM.

Here we present examples of start-ups originating from the MIBE.


In living organisms, DNA serves as carrier of genetic information. The spin-off tilibit uses it as building material for very precise nanometer-sized structures that are produced on order for academia and industry. Applications can be found in drug development, analytical devices and microelectronics. Tilibit applies the DNA origami technology developed at the Chair of Biomolecular Nanotechnology (Prof. Hendrik Dietz).


The team at the start up Mitos specialize in generating high quality x-ray images of the interior structure of various objects: they apply the most recent technologies to perform measurements and data analysis for customers and develop specialized software solutions for imaging devices. Applications include industrial quality control, biology, archaeology, materials science, and many more. All team members benefit from the expertise they gained as PhD students in biomedical imaging at the Chair of Biomedical Physics (Prof. Franz Pfeiffer). 

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