Munich School of BioEngineering

The Munich School of BioEngineering (MSB) is an interdisciplinary research center within the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in Germany.


At the MSB, researchers specializing in medicine, the natural sciences, and engineering join forces to develop new methods for diagnosing or treating diseases and improved technologies that compensate for physical disabilities. The activities cover the whole development process – beginning with the study of basic scientific principles and ending with their application in new medical devices, medicines, and software programs. Read more


On both the Master's and the doctoral level, the MSB provides a variety of options for an interdisciplinary education in bioengineering, biomedical engineering, medical physics, medical informatics and related fields. More information is available on the page of the master's program “Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics“ as well as on the overview pages for the master's programs and doctoral studies.


The MSB actively supports researchers who want to start a business and turn their findings into innovative products and services. Read more


  • Research Group receives Medical Valley Award

    07 May 2021 | For their project on developing novel probes for objective hearing-screenings an interdisciplinary research team with participation of researchers from MSB received the Medical Valley Award.

  • Jakob Lingg working on his laser scanning microscope to acquire dynamics with high spatiotemporal resolution deep in living tissue (Image: Jakob Lingg)

    From Astrophysics to Bioengineering

    22 April 2021 | In an interview, doctoral candidate Jakob Lingg talks about his unusual path to his doctoral project, interdisciplinary character in the everyday world of research and the unique aspects of the Graduate Center BioEngineering (GCB).