Master's program "Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics" (M.Sc.)

This research-oriented interdisciplinary Master's program focuses on the application of new findings in the physical and engineering sciences in order to develop new methods for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various illnesses.

Information about the renewal of residence permits for foreign students

After consulting with the Department of Public Order (Kreisverwaltungsamt KVR), we would like to inform you about the current procedures of the Foreigners Office (Ausländerbehörde) for the renewal of residence permits.

For your convenience, we have summarized the most important points below:

  • All matters of the Foreigners Office are to be conducted in writing wherever possible. Online and drop-in appointments cannot take place in their previous form at present. Wherever possible, documents will be sent by post. Applications are to be submitted by post.
  • Processing time can currently take 6-8 weeks due to staff shortages.
  • To contact the Foreigners Office, you may use the recently introduced contact form, which also allows you to upload documents
  • This website is offering English-language information, however, the contact form is available only in German
  • Since the end of March, the Foreigners Office has been contacting those persons whose residence permits are due to expire to request that they submit written applications for renewal
  • These standard letters are being mailed to the currently registered address.
  • Students should ensure that their name is on their mailbox or add a “c/o” reference to the address under which they are registered at the Residence Registrations Office (Bürgerbüro) and inform those with power of attorney over their affairs. 

Procedure for applying for the issuance/renewal of a residence permit

  • Send the application with all required documents by mail or email/contact form to the department responsible for international students and professionals in science and research.
  • The application form and information on the specific requirements for renewal, including the necessary supporting documents,  can be found here and here
  • Be sure to fill out the application completely and legibly!
  • Once all documents have been submitted, the student will be given a personal appointment to apply for the residence permit (renewal).
  • As soon as the application for renewal of the residence permit has been submitted, the legal fiction of the continued validity of the current residence permit beyond the expiration date applies. This means that the student’s legal residence is guaranteed for the duration of the processing of his or her application! If necessary, a certificate of legal fiction will be sent by post. The fee for the certificate (13 Euro) is paid in advance at the personal appointment.
  • It is essential that students submit their applications for renewal BEFORE the current permit expires! Students who are likely to remain outside Germany for more than 6 months due to the pandemic and, in turn, may lose their residence permits: As a rule, these students should contact the relevant German consulate (as early as possible), which will then issue a certificate to be amended to the passport and with which they will be permitted to re-enter the country.

Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics at TUM

Research focus areas in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics at TUM and MSB relevant to the degree program include the (further) development of new methods of microscopy and biomedical imaging as well as the development of biosensor technologies. Other areas include the application of artificial intelligence in the analysis of medical data, improvement of therapeutic methods such as radiation therapy, as well as numerous other applications, for example in prosthetics.

At MSB these research activities are consolidated in an interdisciplinary network and with a central building, which also contains a large number of laboratories.

You'll find an overview of various research areas in Bioengineering here.

Objectives and career perspectives of the Master’s program

The Master’s program conveys scientific fundamentals at the interface between natural sciences, engineering and medicine while providing students with insights into current international research. Research orientation and interdisciplinary character are central aspects of the degree program. Students are thus prepared to combine the approaches of the various disciplines and to find a common language with researchers from the various academic disciplines, a prerequisite to the development of modern methods for Biomedical Engineering. In addition to subject-specific qualifications, the program also develops and promotes the students' self-competence and social competence.

A wide range of career opportunities in industry and research are then open to graduates. Typical areas of application include among others experimental research, planning and documentation of research projects as well as activities in related biotech and medical technology industry fields (for example in patent systems, development, project planning or at public authorities).

Organization and curriculum

The Master's program "Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics" is conducted at TUM’s Physics Department. The program is run in close collaboration with MSB in order to accommodate the highly interdisciplinary and research-oriented focus of the degree program. The program lasts two years; the teaching language is English (Information on proof of language skills).

In addition to two basic modules in the area of Biomedical Physics, students can choose their focus areas for the entire Master's program as early as in the first semester (focus area Biomedical Imaging or focus area Biosensor Technologies). The subject-specific lectures and exercises of the study phase (first and second semester) are supplemented by general education subjects (for example English Writing for Physics) and an advanced practical physics training. The practical physics training does not consist of individual experiments, but is rather a comprehensive attempt to convey an impression of typical research projects.

The third and fourth semesters constitute the research phase of the degree program, entailing a Master's seminar, Master's practical training and the Master's thesis. The Master's thesis can be written under the supervision of not only members of the Physics Department, but of any member of MSB.  

Additional information on the curriculum on the webpage of the Physics department

Application process and admission requirements

The Master’s program is intended for applicants with a Bachelor's degree (at least six semesters) from a German or foreign university or with an equivalent or more advanced degree in engineering or natural sciences. The application process is conducted centrally through TUM’s Admissions Office on an online basis.

Further Information

You'll find additional information on the curriculum, the individual focus areas, application and eligibility procedures on the Physics Department pages.

Useful information to help ease you into student life, e.g. about enrollment and student card or registering your address, can be found on TUM's central webpage.


Interviews with the degree program coordinator Prof. Julia Herzen and students of the study program