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MIBE Seminar: Melt Electrowriting of Bioinspired Scaffolds for Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering.

Titel: Melt Electrowriting of Bioinspired Scaffolds for Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering. 

Sprecher: Kilian Müller, Doctoral Candidate (Mela Group)

Datum und Uhrzeit: Dienstag, 12. Juli 2022, 13:00 Uhr

Abstract: Melt Electrowriting (MEW) is an electric field assisted fiber forming technology that has proven to be a valuable tool for additive manufacturing (AM) of bioinspired scaffolds for cardiovascular tissue engineering. By combining electrohydrodynamic fiber forming with accurate deposition control in a layer-by-layer fashion, MEW allows to fabricate precisely defined 3D scaffold architectures from polymer microfibers. This talk presents MEW as a micro-AM technique and highlights recent advances in the design and fabrication of MEW scaffolds for cardiovascular tissue engineering. To this end, a digital design platform for the automatized generation of toolpaths for MEW is introduced, and the actual scaffold fabrication strategies are discussed. Furthermore, the structure-property relationships of such scaffolds are elucidated both from a mechanical as well as a biological perspective.


Das MIBE Seminar ist die zentrale Veranstaltung für Forschende im Bereich Biomedical Engineering.

Dieses Jahr verfolgen wir das Konzept, im Anschluss an die „We Are MIBE“ Vorträge die dort angerissene Thematik hier im MIBE Seminar weiter zu vertiefen. 

Das MIBE Seminar findet in diesem Semester in Präsenz im Hörsaal E.126 (Boltzmannstraße 11, 85748 Garching) statt und wird zusätzlich live per zoom übertragen.

Zoom Daten für alle online Seminarvorträge in diesem Semester:

Meeting Name: MIBE Seminar Talks, Tuesdays 1:00 pm
Meeting-ID: 698 5129 8624
Password: mibe

Das MIBE Seminar kann für Promovierende als fachliche Qualifizierung angerechnet werden.


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