MSB Online Seminar: Biomedical Imaging beyond the visible: Fluorescence Imaging in the Shortwave-Infrared

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Titel: Biomedical Imaging beyond the visible: Fluorescence Imaging in the Shortwave-Infrared

Datum und Uhrzeit: Dienstag, 14. Juli, 13:00 Uhr 

Sprecher: Jakob Lingg, GCB Doktorand, Helmholtz Pioneer Campus / Menze Group

Fluorescence imaging is a commonly used technique in biomedical applications that has been conducted predominantly in the visible (400nm-700nm) and near-infrared (700nm-1000nm) spectral range. In contrast to this, we have taken the approach of imaging at wavelengths beyond 1000nm, in the so-called shortwave-infrared (1000nm-2000nm). By imaging in this spectral window, we take advantage of the particular photon-tissue interactions such as reduced scattering and increased water absorption, enabling fast and contact-free physiological imaging in small animals and achieving frame rates that allow the imaging of freely moving subjects.

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Das MSB-Seminar wird in diesem Semester online (Zoom) stattfinden. Wenn Sie an dem Vortrag interessiert sind, können Sie sich per Email ( / anmelden. Die Zugangsdaten werden Ihnen dann zugeschickt. 

Programm Sommersemester 2020

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