MSB Online Seminar: Mucin-based nanoparticles for DNA-guided intracellular drug delivery

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Titel: Mucin-based nanoparticles for DNA-guided intracellular drug delivery 

Datum und Uhrzeit: Dienstag, 10. November 2020, 13:00 Uhr

Sprecherin: Ceren Kimna, Arbeitsgruppe „Biopoloymere und Bio-Grenzflächen” (Prof. Oliver Lieleg)


The targeted intracellular delivery of therapeutics to a specific disease site is still very challenging. Especially when drugs such as chemotherapeutics are used, the importance of a control mechanism that differentiates the target cells from the off-target, healthy tissue is indisputable. In this study, we designed mucin-based nanocarriers which can undergo a conformational change upon request to deliver active agents. With this strategy, we can accumulate the drug molecules in the cytosol and initiate their liberation in presence of a trigger DNA sequence. Furthermore, we demonstrate, how an endogenous marker, e.g., specific miRNA overexpression, can be used as a stimulus to autonomously initiate the intracellular drug release. We expect that this highly specific delivery mechanism can pave the way for the design of patient-tailored treatments for such diseases, where overexpression of signature oligonucleotide sequences has been identified. Original Article: 

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Das MSB-Seminar wird in diesem Semester online (Zoom) stattfinden. Wenn Sie an dem Vortrag interessiert sind, können Sie sich per Email (julia.knuerr(at) anmelden. Die Zugangsdaten werden Ihnen dann zugeschickt.

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