MSB Online Seminar: Towards real-time 3D light field microscopy. Speed, generalization and joint optimization.

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Titel: Towards real-time 3D light field microscopy. Speed, generalization and joint optimization.

Datum und Uhrzeit: Dienstag, 24. November 2020, 13:00 Uhr

Sprecherin:  Josué Page Vizcaíno, Arbeitsgruppe „Computational Imaging and Inverse Problems” (PD Dr. Tobias Lasser)


Light field microscopy is a scanless imaging technique capable of acquiring angular and spatial information of fluorescent samples at camera frame rate. As a post processing step 3D volumes can be reconstructed from the acquired 2D images, by means of a reconstruction method (e.g. deconvolution). However, the available methods produce reconstructions with artefacts, anisotropic resolution which take long times to process. 
In my research, I investigate how to enable true real time 3D reconstructions by means of neural networks, in a robust and reliable matter. Also, possible strategies to encode the most relevant information for a network in the captured image, this by incorporating the image formation model into the optimization path; allowing for joint optimization of optical parameters and reconstruction algorithms.

Weitere Informationen

Das MSB-Seminar wird in diesem Semester online (Zoom) stattfinden. Wenn Sie an dem Vortrag interessiert sind, können Sie sich per Email (julia.knuerr(at) anmelden. Die Zugangsdaten werden Ihnen dann zugeschickt.

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