MSB Seminar: Soft Electrodes for Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

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Speaker: Korkut Terkan, M.Sc.; PhD student at the research group Neuroelectronics led by Prof. Bernhard Wolfrum

Time: 7 January 2019, 12:30 pm 

Place: Munich School of BioEngineering (Lecture Hall E.126, Boltzmannstr. 11, 85748 Garching)

Neural electrodes are interfaces for in vivo recording and stimulation of neural activity. They can be used for investigating the signal propagation among neurons and as the interface to implantable devices in order to treat individuals suffering from various neurological disorders. It is advantageous to fabricate interfaces out of materials with similar mechanical properties as the target tissue to avoid foreign body responses initiated by micro movements. Here, we present stimulation electrodes based on carbon nanotubes that are embedded into the surface of silicone as soft, stretchable and mechanically stable electrodes for neural interfaces.

Program Winter Term 2019/20

Jan 07 202013:15Diana WaldmannstetterMenze GroupCo-Registration of pre- and post-operative Brain Scans for Tumor Progression evaluation 
Jan 14 202013:00Sabine ZipsWolfrum Group 3D Printed µ-Needle Electrode Arrays for Bioelectronic Applications   
Jan 14 202013:30Kirsten TaphornHerzen Group tbd

Jan 21 202013:00Jonathan RappGleich Grouptbd
Jan 28 202013:00Dominik WeidlichProf. Dimitrios Karampinostbd
Feb 04 202013:00Albert CronerHemmert Group tbd