TV feature on medical augmented reality

An intra-operative augmented reality system concept.  (Image: Marc Lazarovici and Alexander Winkler
An intra-operative augmented reality system concept. Image: Marc Lazarovici and Alexander Winkler

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The documentary W wie Wissen produced by German public television ARD shows MSB-PI Nassir Navab’s work in the field of medical augmented reality.

Navab's research focuses on computer-aided medical procedures and augmented reality. His work involves developing technologies to improve the quality of medical intervention and bridges the gap between medicine and computer science.

The documentary shows how augmented reality may be present in future operation rooms - for example as head mounted displays (HMD) for 3D in-situ visualization of computed tomography images or as voice-controlled HMD information systems for the surgical assistant. Furthermore, the video highlights how augmented reality is already being implemented in the education of medical students - as magic mirror that allows for new 3D or cross-sectional insights into the human body or in virtual dissection courses.

View the video (in German) on ARD's website.


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