This page provides an updated program of the MSB symposium

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List of talks:

Franz Pfeiffer, Professor of Biomedical Physics and Director of the MSB
Title: tba

Tatiana Flisikowska, Staff Scientist at the Chair of Livestock Biotechnology at TUM
Title: "The new pig on the block. Large animal models for biomedicine"

Oliver Hayden, Holder of the Heinz-Nixdorf-Chair for Biomedical Electronics
Title: "Go with the Flow."

Julia Herzen, Professor of Physics of Biomedical Imaging
Title: "High-contrast X-ray imaging of pathological soft tissue"

Marcus Makowski, Director of Radiology at TUM/Klinikum Rechts der Isar
Title: "Development of novel quantitative biomarkers in radiology"

Gabriele Multhoff, Professor of Experimental Radiooncology and Radiation Biology at TUM
Title: tba

Jürgen Ruland, Professor of Clinical Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry and Director of the Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry at TUM
Title: "Immune Receptor Signals in Cancer"

Wolfgang Weber, Professor of Nuclear Medicine at TUM and Director of the Department of Nuclear Medicine at Klinikum Rechts der Isar
Title: "Theranostic and Theranostic Radionuclide Therapy "

Wilko Weichert, Professor of Pathology and Director of the Institute of Pathology at TUM
Title: " Molecular Pathology: From High Throughput to Patient Care"