Prof. Dr. rer. silv. Cordt Zollfrank TU München (Straubing)
Prof. Dr Ingrid Weiss Universität Stuttgart
Prof. Dr rer. nat. Nicholas Vogel FAU Erlangen Nürnberg
Prof. Dr Kristina Wanieck TH Deggendorf
Gwillem Mosedale, MSc, MBA TU München

The Bionic Approach - From Biology to Applications

Learning from nature for technical applications is a promising approach for solving current problems. The questions is: “How do we transfer biological principles into technical application in practice?” The course will give an overview of the theory behind learning from nature, it will introduce the development process and it gives insight into current academic research in various areas, like biogenic polymers or surface technologies. Students from various disciplines are invited to learn and use the process for generating new ideas and solutions for existing problems.

From an evolutionary perspective, the mountains of South Tyrol have produced species that are superbly adapted (technically) to the prevailing climatic and ecological constraints. Since hiking is an integral part of the Ferienakademie's recreational activities, we will have the opportunity to train our eyes and minds during these outings in order to identify and further understand the technical functions (seen and unseen) around us.

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