• Schonendes Verfahren könnte typische Lungenveränderungen zeigen

    Neue Röntgenmethode für Corona-Diagnose im Patiententest

    07. Mai 2020 | TUM-Forschende haben ein Röntgenverfahren entwickelt, das die für Covid-19 typischen Veränderungen in der Lunge sichtbar machen könnte.

  • EU flag and ERC logo

    ERC Advanced Grant awarded to MSB-P Daniel Cremers

    Physics modeling using video data

    8 April 2020 | ERC advanced grant awarded to MSB-PI Daniel Cremers for a project on physics modeling using video data.

  • Detail of the brain vasculature of a mouse.

    Combination of biochemical methods and AI shows even the finest capillaries

    Analysis of whole brain vasculature

    17 Mar 2020 | Diseases of the brain are often associated with typical vascular changes. Now, scientists have come up with a technique for visualising the structures of all the brain's blood vessels including any pathological changes.

  • By mapping more than 18,000 proteins, TUM scientists have created an extensive molecular reference for the popular model plant Arabidopsis thaliana, which is freely accessible via the online database "ProteomicsDB". Image: Lehrstuhl für Proteomik und Bioanalytik

    First comprehensive map of the proteome of the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana

    A molecular map for the plant sciences

    12 March 2020 Under the leadership of the Technical University of Munich (TUM), a team of scientists has now mapped around 18,000 of all the proteins found in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana.

  • Prof. Dr. Werner Hemmert and Dr. Siwei Bai have developed a computer model which predicts the neuronal activation patterns that cochlea implants create in the auditory nerve. Image: Andreas Heddergott / TUM

    Computer model shows neuronal activation patterns in the inner ear

    Research towards improved cochlear implants

    6 March 2020 |  Researchers at TUM have developed a computer model which predicts the neuronal activation patterns that the implant creates in the auditory nerve fibers. 

  • Oliver Hayden during his Campus Talk (Image: ARD alpha Campus Talks)

    MSB-PI Oliver Hayden in TV Feature „Campus Talks“

    Blood – Cellular Biomarkers for Clincial Routine

    27 Feb 2020 | Oliver Hayden explains his research on cellular biomarkers from blood and their use for clinical routines in the ARD alpha TV series „Campus Talks“

  • Researchers at the Chair of Proteomics and Bioanalytics (Prof. Dr. Bernhard Kuester) at the TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan (WZW). Image: Astrid Eckert / TUM

    CLINSPECT-M: Clinical mass spectrometry center for molecular brain research

    Major project for Munich neurosciences

    10 Feb 2020  | In a joint large-scale project, Munich scientists from proteomics, computer science and medicine investigate the causes of disorders of the central nervous system, how they can be diagnosed and how treatment response can be monitored.