Biomimetic MOVERS & SHAKERS - Thursday 01 July 2021 @ 5:15pm

What can moths teach us about recycling plastic, how do fish point us towards more versatile flow sensors, and what do trees have in common with modern PET water bottles?

Our three speakers (below) have each carved out an opportunity for themselves in biomimetics, as founders of university spin-offs (start-ups) and/or as innovator in industry. Their pioneering solutions, courtesy of nature’s huge lead (up to 3.8bn years) in solving practical engineering challenges, promise economic value creation and the advancement of technology/sustainability.

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Eleonore Eisath

Industrial Designer (TUM)

Founder beworm

Dr Claudio Abels

Microsystems Engineer

Founder Fluctomation

Carlos Rego

Industrial Designer

Design & Biomimcry Manager, Logoplaste Innovation Lab


Topics will include the bioinspired solutions developed by the speakers, how to identify natural models for start-ups and industry, how to become a founder, and which start-up support resources at TUM helped along its (unfinished) journey.

We look forward to three short talks (20 mins per speaker) followed by 30 minutes of Q&A.

Date: Thursday 01 July 2021

Time: 5:15 pm, Munich time

How: Register via bionik(at)  We will send you the login details.

About Biomimetic Movers and Shakers

This event is part of TUM’s 2021 biomimetic lecture series / Ringvorlesung Bionik (Prof. Luksch). In the run-up, registered students will have sampled biomimetic research in a variety of contexts (engineering, physics, chemistry) and learned about the mindset and methods that are helpful in identifying suitable natural models. Students see all of the elements introduced prior come together in real world, industrial applications that address some of society's most pressing problems.

Biomimetics at TUM

Biomimetics is an interdisciplinary approach with broad relevance, that is applicable to departments ranging from A (for architecture) to Z (for zoology) and including medicine. Our mission is to promote and facilitate its adoption in both research and teaching. In our lectures and seminars and those to which we are invited to contribute, we emphasize the practical side of biomimetics, encouraging students to take biomimetics into their own hands. Events such as the above contribute by illustrating which outcomes are possible when one commits to biomimetics.

In research, we work with individual chairs to identify natural models and, where appropriate, connect them with potential partners in biology and/or industry. We serve the TUM community at large by providing a certain amount of initial funding (which we make accessible via idea competitions), the provision of tools and methods as well as occasional pointers to funding opportunities, including ones that connect academia with the private sector/industry.