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MIBE Seminar: New Seminar Talk series starting October 2022

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The MIBE Seminar is the main seminar for researchers in the field of biomedical engineering at TUM.

The MIBE seminar talks are aligned with the “We Are MIBE” talks and provide a deeper insight into these research areas.

The MIBE Seminar will take place in presence in our lecture hall E.126 (Boltzmannstr. 11, 85748 Garching) and will additionally be live streamed via zoom.

The zoom details for all online seminar talks this semester are:

Meeting Name: MIBE Seminar Talks, Tuesdays 1:00 pm
Meeting-ID: 698 5129 8624
Password: mibe

The MIBE Seminar counts as subject specific qualification for doctoral candidates.

Further Program Winter Term 2022/23

25 October 2022 1:00 pm Florian Katzmeier Doct. Cand. (Simmel) Electrohydrodynamically driven microbots
25 October 2022 1:00 pm Maximilian Honeman Doct. Cand. (Dietz) WaffleCraft: A novel polydirectional lattice for scaffolded DNA Origami
8 November 2022 1:00 pm Christopher Frank Doct. Cand. (Dietz) Toward de-novo protein design using pseudo-sequence hallucination