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We are MIBE Speaker Series: Prof. Julia Herzen & Prof. Franz Schilling

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At each event, two Principal Investigators (PIs) of MIBE working in related research areas will provide exciting insights into their research. After the talks which take around 90 minutes, there is plenty of time for networking. 

Prof. Dr. Julia Herzen:
Quantitative x-ray imaging – towards material-specific numbers from images
Prof. Dr. Franz Schilling: Imaging life and death - using MRI to detect cellular function and metabolism

Date and Time:  Wednesday, November 9th, 4:15 pm – around 6:00 pm, afterwards networking
Place: MIBE lecture hall (room E.126), Boltzmannstraße 11, 85748 Garching and zoom


About the Speakers

Prof. Dr. Julia Herzen

Professor Herzen (*1980) conducts research on biomedical imaging. The main focus of her research is the development of new methods in X-ray computed tomography based on spectral detection and X-ray phase contrast for medicine and biology. She uses both, highly-brilliant synchrotron radiation and standard polychromatic X-ray tubes for her research. Besides the improvement of image quality, another major objective of Herzen’s work is quantitative imaging – a procedure which allows for extracting element-specific measures from X-ray images.

Prof. Dr. Franz Schilling

Prof. Schilling (*1983) conducts research in the field of preclinical molecular imaging. His research focusses on the development of novel methods in the area of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Together with his group he characterizes and validates imaging biomarkers. Interdisciplinarity is an essential characteristic of this area of research which combines the development of physical methods, the chemical characterization and synthesis of molecular sensors, as well as the investigation of biological and medical research questions.

More Information

In Person Participation 
For in person participation the Corona regulations of TUM valid at the time of the talks apply. Wearing a mask and keeping distance is highly recommended. 

There will be a live-stream for this event via zoom. 

Zoom details:  Topic: We are MIBE Speaker Series, Link: https://tum-conf.zoom.us/j/64853899155, Meeting-ID: 648 5389 9155, Passcode: waMIBE2223

Recognition Qualification Program for Doctoral Candidates
If you're doing your doctorate within the field of biomedical engineering, regular participation in the speaker series can be counted towards subject-specific qualification in DocGS. Find more information and the registration form here


Wednesday, 07.12.2022, 16:15 pm:
Prof. Dr. Cristina Piazza 
Prof. Dr. Gordon Cheng 

Wednesday, 25.01.2023, 16:15 pm:
Prof. Dr. Ruben Portugues 
Prof. Dr. Julijana Gjorgjieva