Graduate Center BioEngineering

The Graduate Center BioEngineering (GCB) is a thematic graduate center for doctoral candidates at various TUM departments doing research in bioengineering, biomedical technologies, medical physics, medical computer science and related subjects. The GCB is the contact point for all matters relating to the coctoral program, from registration all the way to graduation, for both interested students and for doctoral candidates. The GCB offers continuing education courses and promotes international exchange and networking among its members.

Interdisciplinary and international

The doctoral candidates who belong to the GCB all work on interdisciplinary projects in which they combine methodologies and key questions from medicine, biology, physics, information technologies and electrical engineering. Thus a doctoral program at the GCB always involves the readiness to engage with the content and cultures of other subjects.

The GCB actively promotes this interdisciplinary approach. All doctoral candidates have to have a supervisor who is PI at the MIBE. All members of the GCB come together at events such as the annual summer school, where they have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with research in BioEngineering and related disciplines outside of their own respective specialty areas and to exchange and interact with instructors and other doctoral candidates with similar research interests.

In order to promote international exchange, the GCB provides the doctoral candidates registered at the GCB with organizational and financial support for studies abroad within its possibilities.

Continuing education

In addition to their own research, the doctoral candidates are required to participate in various courses and workshops and to work in projects. In this context the candidates can put together their own individual program to fit their specific requirements and interests. Interdisciplinary events such as workshops on good scientific practice are a mandatory part of this program as well as active participation in the TUM and MIBE environment. 


Within the TUM Agenda 2030, the Graduate Center BioEngineering will be restructured and no longer have the function of a TUM Graduate Center. Therefore, we are not accepting new members anymore. Please apply for membership at your department/school graduate center (in general the department/school of your supervisor) or the graduate center at your institution, instead.

The Munich Institute of Biomedical Engineering will continue to contribute to the education of doctoral candidates and will offer courses and events for TUM doctoral candidates from the fields of bioengineering and biomedical engineering within the scope of a program.

If you are interested in the future program and would like to be informed about it and upcoming events, please write an email to



Andrej Voss, Tel: +49 289 10 847
Julia Knürr, Tel: +49 89 289 10 876

Adress: Munich Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Graduate Center BioEngineering, Boltzmannstraße 11, 85748 Garching b. München, Germany