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MIBE Seminar: Engineering Interleukin 12 Family Cytokines

Topic: Engineering Interleukin 12 Family Cytokines

Speaker: Isabel Aschenbrenner (Feige Group)

Date and Time: Tuesday, 18 July, 1:00 pm

Abstract: Interleukins (ILs) are secreted by immune cells and bound by their specific receptors on target cells to elicit their downstream regulatory functions. These include controlling the development, expansion, activation, and inactivation of immune cells as well as regulating pro- versus anti-inflammatory responses. Human IL-12 family cytokines regulate immune responses and are emerging therapeutic targets. Nature uses assembly-dependent folding and subunit sharing within this family, making their cellular biogenesis highly complex. Based on our broadened understanding of IL-12 family cytokine biogenesis on a structural, mechanistic, and cellular level, we now aim to rationally design human ILs. We follow novel approaches to control secretion and function of specific IL-12 family members for therapeutic modulations of the human immune response.

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The MIBE Seminar will take place in our lecture hall E.126 (Boltzmannstr. 11, 85748 Garching) and will be live streamed via zoom.

The zoom details for all online seminar talks this semester are:

Meeting Name: MIBE Seminar Talks, Tuesdays 1:00 pm

https://tum-conf.zoom.us/j/69851298624?pwd=TURFMGQ5N3pDZ0ZGVkVHejFTMFJhUT09Meeting-ID: 698 5129 8624Password: mibe

The MIBE Seminar counts as subject specific qualification for doctoral candidates.
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Further Program Summer Term 2023

This is the last talk in Summer Term 2023.
The MIBE Seminar continues in October 2023 with new talks by the research groups.