Highlights on Covid-19 Diagnostics

Franz Pfeiffer during his talk (Image: Direct Conversion https://directconversion.com/2021/05/23/highlights-york-haemisch-from-the-covid-19-inflammation-and-molecular-imaging-workshop)
Franz Pfeiffer during his talk (Image: Direct Conversion)

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Within the workshop “COVID-19: Inflammation and Molecular Imaging“ organized by Direct Conversion, MSB director Franz Pfeiffer contributed a talk. His presentation of an overview of multiple imaging options to diagnose and characterize Covid-19 made an impact and was very well received by the audience.

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Description of the principle behind dark-field imaging

Chair of Biomedical Physics

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Prof. Dr. Franz Pfeiffer
Technical University of Munich 
Chair of Biomedical Physics
Munich School of BioEngineering
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