Oliver Hayden, Professor of Biomedical Electronics Image: TEDxTUM
Oliver Hayden, Professor of Biomedical Electronics

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What we can learn from blood cell chit-chat

TEDxTUM Talk by Prof. Oliver Hayden

When you are injured, your blood cells form a clot to prevent blood loss. This important process is precisely regulated in our body. If, however, this happens in an uncontrolled way, blood cells can clot excessively and thrombosis can occur. Severe health risks such as strokes or heart attacks arise. Excessive blood cell clotting is also a major problem in many severe cases of Covid-19.

How to prevent these complications due to thrombosis, which have been difficult to predict? Until now, technology to identify an early biomarker was not available.

In his TEDxTUM Talk, Prof. Oliver Hayden presents a new solution: “What we can learn from blood cell chit-chat”:

Oliver Hayden is Professor of Biomedical Electronics at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). He conducts research at the Munich Institute of Biomedical Engineering (MIBE) and at the Center for translational Cancer Research (TranslaTUM).

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