Research Areas

Research at the Munich Institute of Biomedical Engineering covers a broad field of research at the interface between medicine, the natural and engineering sciences. It can be devided into six main research areas.

In Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology, researchers at MIBE work on novel technologies for computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging, explore the radiobiological effects of novel radiotherapy concepts, and develop novel tracers and contrast agents with specific molecular sensitivity.

In Biomedical Microscopy and Virtual Pathology, MIBE scientists explore novel technological concepts for mesoscale and microscopic three-dimensional biological imaging to better understand the causes and progression of diseases.

In the research area Biosensors and Smart Medical Devices, MIBE researchers are working on novel concepts and technologies to improve the electronic and chemical detection of signals from biological systems and to generate medical applications.

In the research area Biomaterials & Biomolecular Systems, MIBE researchers investigate how the bio-physical principles underlying the formation and interaction of natural biological materials and biomolecular systems can be harnessed for diagnostic or therapeutic biomedical applications.

In Medical Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence researchers at MIBE are working on the development of innovative algorithms for the acquisition, analysis and interpretation of medical image data, in particular using convolutional neural networks, for the future computer-aided diagnosis of diseases.

The goal of MIBE researchers in the field of organoids and biological model systems is to generate functional, organ-like 3D structures from human-like tissue in order to better understand complex biological chains of action and to develop novel therapies.